Weighted Vest (Using Sand) – GreyFit
Weighted Vest (Using Sand)
Weighted Vest (Using Sand)
Weighted Vest (Using Sand)
Weighted Vest (Using Sand)

Weighted Vest (Using Sand)

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GreyFit Sand Weighted Vest

What is different about our vest?

-True 20 lbs sand capacity

Most sand vests for sale don't specify that the vest doesn't hold 20 lbs using only sand, the use of steel shot or other metal pellets is necessary to archive the weight, this without mentioning how expensive is the steel shot.

-Low Cost

Most vests out there for sale end up being over 250 USD once you add the cost and shipping of the plates, the idea of using sand is to keep those costs down, sand is inexpensive so if sending an empty vest shipping and handling get down the cost so you can get your Murph training done for less.

-Unique Sand Plates Design

Our ribbed plates allow the sand to take a flat bag shape, so sand won't bulk up onto the bottom of the vest, this is convenient on how the vest molds onto your belly and your back making the vest comfortable to use.

-Weight movement

When running sand moves more gently than a solid weight, this result in less bouncing movement of your vest during your training. Remember Murph at the games? did you see how everyone needed to hold that vest while running? so less likely to do that with this vest and since less tightness around your torso is needed you will find that in this vest is easier to breathe.


Vest Construction 

-100% USA Made

-Outside Fabric 1000D Cordura Nylon

-Ventilator Mesh fabric 

-4 In Woven Elastic

-Pile Velcro front and back for custom patches.

-600D Polyester for Sand plates

-Max Capacity using sand 25-30 LBS

-GF Sewn Patch



To determine your size, measure around your torso in between your chest and your waist.

Small < 34"

Medium 34" - 42" 

Large > 42"







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